Why you need to do facial hair removal?

Women often look for effective facial hair removal methods that do not irritate the skin. However, few people know why we should face hair removal and what to note to get the best results.

Why need facial hair removal?

Westerners say that facial hair removal will increase the charm. As for Japan, waxing is considered a way to help rejuvenate the skin. From what point of view, hair removal is necessary because:

  • Limit the formation of hair follicles, causing acne or acne inflammation.
  • Helps lighten skin and easily absorb the skin care nutrients.
  • Skin will eat more when the makeup.
Shaved face is necessary
Shaved face is necessary

8 note for effective facial waxing

# 1 Do not remove facial hair in the following cases:

  • Skin condition is more acne and inflammation.
  • Skin or sunburn or open wounds, skin burns.
  • Sensitive skin, prone to irritation after shaving or allergy to face facial cream.
  • Has a large mole or eczema on the face.
  • Women who are pregnant or have skin problems.
Do not remove facial hair when the skin is having problems like acne, inflammation ...
Do not remove facial hair when the skin is having problems like acne, inflammation …

# 2 Scrub the face before wiping

Exfoliation before hair removal is the best way to remove the hairs that grow in the skin. If you often experience back pain, swelling and acne, then the skin should be bleached. Be sure to choose the type of exfoliate that suits your face.

# 3 Hair removal in the evening

After shaving, the skin is usually thin and slightly swollen, so rest in a reasonable time. The best time to get rid of hair is in the evening because the skin will be nourished and have time to recover after injury.

The best time to wax is in the evening
The best time to wax is in the evening

# 4 Do not wipe face with blunt blade

Bathroom shavings should not be worn because the wet environment will cause the blade to become rusty, blunt and unhygienic resulting in ineffective hair removal, which also has the potential for inflammation, Acne or swelling on the skin.

# 5 Apply a cream before waxing

Applying shaving cream not only protects the skin from razor burn, but it also makes hair removal more effective as the hair is straightened. To avoid skin irritation due to improper use of the product, test before applying on face.

# 6 Do not wipe hair several times

Many people have the habit of hair removal when the hair starts to grow at a frequency of 1-2 weeks / times. This is not the case, wait at least a month and then continue to wax hair you. With the method of waxing (waxing) you even have to wait for the hair to reach full length, the new hair removal effective.

# 7 Clean your face wiping equipment Clean your razor

Clean the razor with hot water and rinse with alcohol until the skin is free from infection, infection. If you have hair removal in a salon or spa, bring your own kit to avoid contamination because of razors.

Clean the razor carefully
Clean the razor carefully

# 8 Apply different hair removal methods

There are many ways to remove hair, but the most common is hair removal, waxing, hair removal mask or use laser methods in the salon. Each measure has its own pros and cons so consult with a specialist to choose the method that best suits you.

There are different ways of hair removal
There are different ways of hair removal