5 Ideal eye liner cream for dry skin

If you think that only oily skin with eyelid oil often needs eye cream, and dry skin is not, it’s time to change your mind.

Eye creams also have the same effect as face creams, once you choose the right product, it can overcome the drawbacks of your skin. The person with the most eyelids eyes is the eye color, eyelid eyes turn gray eyes like panda. The person with eyelids dry most afraid is the condition of the background in dry eye area, broken mold, crow’s feet, eye lines peeling, broken, eye shadow can not hold more than 1-2 Clock due to dry and lumpy surface. Many cases of eyelid skin irritation and itching caused by too dry.

For those with dry skin, a moisturizing and nourishing eye cream will create a damp, moisturizing and moisturizing foundation for the skin around the eyes.

Benefit Cosmetics Stay Don’t Stray Eye Shadow Primer

The special feature of this product is the rich moisture content with Sodium Hyaluronate active ingredient that provides water and water retention in combination with vitamin C and vitamin E anti-aging and nourishing skin glow smooth. A product that is both makeup and skin care is what is equal


Unlike conventional eye creams, this is a specialized product for the lower eyelid. Formulated with caffeine extracts, this product is like a cup of hot coffee for the eyes, helping to reduce puffiness, dark circles, bring the effect of eyes “sleep,” radiant and more sophisticated. Rich in moisturizing ingredients and silky smooth texture, this product has the potential to be a concealer, preventing dryness in the skin around the eyes, making the foundation in this area more damp.


This product is one of the best eyeliner products for skin that begins to show signs of aging due to its high vitamin content and antioxidant properties. You should know, dry skin is faster than oily skin, so this is a product that people should dry skin care. Anti-smudge, anti-drift, anti-dulling make up for this eye cream.

Yves Rocher Fixing Eyelid Primer

Better known for skin care products than makeup, so the advantage of the Yves Rocher makeup products is that it has a very good skincare effect. The majority of natural lotion ingredients, with the active ingredient is tea flower oil, provides a smooth, supple, smooth skin. After a period of use, the skin around the eyes glows and the wrinkles, the crow’s feet also fade to smooth skin.

Clarins Instant Light Eye Perfecting Base

This cream is both a make-up product and a skin care product. Make-up: It makes the eye color easy to peel, perfect smooth and extremely long. Reflective 3D shades in the product to help correct eye color and reflect the natural light beautify whether or not makeup. Skin Care: Oat extract helps nourish the skin around the eyes, moisturize, soften, tighten, tighten and smooth over time.